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Per LægreidPer Lægreid

Per Lægreid, (Professor, The Stein Rokkan Centre /Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen). Dr. philos. 

  • Research experience:
    Research on Adminsitrative reform, institutional change, organization theory, adminsitrative policy, comparative adminsitration, public sector reform. 1) Member of executive board Scandinavian Concortium for Organizational Research (Scancor), Stanford University 2) Member of executive board (secretary and treasurer) Research Committee on the Structure and Organization of Government (SOG), IPSA 3) Member of international comparative project on control and regulation in public sector 4) Scandinavian network on public sector refroms and administrative policy.

  • Selected Publications
    2002 with T. Cristensen: “Coping with modern leadership roles – the problematic redefinition of public companies”. Public Administration (forthcoming). New Public Management – Puzzles of Democracy and the Influence of Citizens”. Journal of Political Philosophy, 10 (3): 267-296. “Transforming Adminsitrative Policy” (with T.Christensen and L. Wise). Public Administration, 80 (1): 153-170. 2001: “Assessing public management refrom in Norway, Sweden and the USA”.(with T. Christensen and L. Wise). International Journal of Political Studies, September (01): 41-70. “Administrative reform in Scandinavia – Testing the Cooperative Model”. In B. Noland (ed.) Public Sector Reform. An International Perspective,London : Palgrave.
    2006: Lægreid, Per, Ståle Opedal and Inger Marie Stigen (2006): ” The Norwegian Hospital Reform : Balancing Political Control and Enterprise Autonomy”, in Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law; 30 (6): 1027. (2005)1027-1065

Mail: Per.Lagreid@aorg.uib.no

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