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Celebrating Scancor’s 20th anniversary
November 21-23, 2008
Kindred spirits – developing ideas to catch and release


The Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research was founded twenty years ago as a venue to facilitate collaboration between scholars in the Nordic countries and at Stanford University working in the area of organization studies. Over the past twenty years, more than 450 scholars have visited Scancor to conduct research, produce books, articles, and dissertations, attend seminars, and organize conferences. Much has changed over this remarkable time span.

What started out as the bridging of Scandinavian and Californian research has evolved into an even more international endeavour as European researchers with interests in Scandinavia have been drawn to Scancor, and dozens of Stanford graduates and faculty with ties to Scancor have moved throughout North America and Europe. Topically, there is presently great interest in the embeddedness of economic action, institutionalism and questions of emergence and change, the globalization of organizations, discursive and narrative studies, the practices of organizing and strategizing, the role of geographic propinquity in spawning high-tech clusters, and distributed forms of innovation.

This 20th anniversary is an opportune time to gather and reflect on what we have learned from one another. We call for a consideration of our commonalities and differences, connects and disconnects, the dynamics of breaking new ground, and maintaining a cutting edge. The experiences of the past two decades should be celebrated too, in the context of lively discussions that will help expand the frontiers of organizational research.
We invite you to join us in celebrating Scancor and considering the future of organizational research. The conference will feature:

Sessions on such topics as:

  • Identities and Categorization;

  • Transnational Rule-Making;

  • Clusters, Innovation and Learning;

  • Comparative Capitalisms;

  • Social Entrepreneurship;

  • Fashion in Research and Management;

  • Distributed Innovation Processes;

  • The international flow of elite labour;

  • Employee entrepreneurship;

Roundtable discussions on November 23rd

Introduction of the new Scancor Postdoctoral Fellows

A special viewing of James G. March’s latest film “War and Peace”

If you would like to present a paper at a roundtable, or team up with others to propose a theme, please submit an abstract/proposal of no more than 500 words to both Marianne Risberg (mr.ioa@cbs.dk) and Annette Eldredge (eldredge@stanford.edu). The deadline for submissions is the May 30th. Accepted papers/proposals will be notified in early June. Current Scancor fellows will assist in organizing the roundtables and insure that each session has a chair. The deadline for uploading conference papers on the conference website is October 15th.
Participation will be limited to 200 participants, on a first come-first serve basis. Conference registration has to be done on Scancor’s homepage: www.scancor.org. Unfortunately, Scancor cannot provide funds for travel or room and board. The participants will have to cover these expenses, but Scancor will provide the venue, vibrant conversations and connections, good meals, and lively entertainment.

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